New Tips and Tricks for Madden NFL Mobile!

Are you having trouble playing Madden Mobile? Want to learn the latest information that can help you move forward and start winning. Don’t settle for less and learn how you can actually win every game with or without hacks by simply mastering a few simple concepts that the average gamer seems to miss. The team here has been playing Madden NFL Mobile for a very long time now and knows the ins and outs of the game without a doubt. Before we created this website and were not in possession of any cheats or had created the Madden Mobile Hack Tool, and we were forced to do things the old fashioned way if you want to call it that. Having spent hours on hours in the game, we certainly gained quite a bit of experience with our many wins and losses over time. With all of this we think that we are certainly qualified to bring you a few exclusive hints that can definitely help you further yourself in the game if you are not using our service and do things the legit way. Let’s start with the things that you can do while in Offense during game time.



  • Pause Glitch
  • This is a trick that not many players know about and can actually be used to your own advantage when in the middle of an online game. If you hold down the Skill move button while repeatedly pressing the Pause button at the same time you can actually freeze the match for as long as you want and this works both ways. The trick here is getting the timing right and you will be able to do this at any time as long as you press the Skill move button.

    Madden NFL Mobile Offense

  • Skill Moves
  • You can execute a number of different offensive Skill moves when on offense by tapping the Skill moves button while you are running the ball. These moves include diving, which can help you gain some yards before ending a play. Secondly there is stiff arming, to resist defensive players attacking you for the ball. Also you can spin or juke in an effort to dodge an enemy when coming at you, or even hurdle when in need.

  • The Play Art Button
  • While in 3D Gameplay you can always tap the Play art Button which will allow you to view the routes and also play art for individual plays.

  • Jukes
  • One of the opponents worst fears ever when trying to tackle a player in possession of the ball. When you are running with the ball or if you are even simply looking for a place to get the ball, you can make a special maneuver to make an escape and possibly become open for a pass.



  • Kick
  • You can do this by swiping up and at an angle when on the Kick meter. Depending on the angle and the speed in which you swipe your ball will make its way wherever you want it to go.


  • Interception
  • When the ball has been thrown by an opponent, the game naturally switches you to the defender that is closest to the ball. It is up to you to swipe up at the right time to catch the ball though.

  • Snap
  • Simply tap on the screen to Snap the ball.

  • Defend
  • Use the analog stick to adjust your defenders position.

  • Time Out
  • Call a Time Out by pausing the game choosing the “Call A Timeout” option.


    Extra Secrets

    Now that you know the basics of how to play Madden NFL Mobile and control your players in a way that will make you be able to do what you want with your team its time to take it to the next level. If you want to stop playing like a normal player and start being a winner you should take the next few things into consideration. First lets go over the glitch that you can use every match if you take advantage of the time you have in the beginning of the game. This glitch can be easily done after using our hack tool and running it on your account at least once.