How it Works has been created by a team of people who felt that charging crazy amounts of money for just some virtual coins and cash is completely unfair, and on top of that, they even force gamers to buy more of their virtual stuff just to level up faster. So, we decided to create something that actually stands out, something that works every time and is totally safe, unlike any other hack tool on the Internet.

We wanted to create a fail-proof, safe, secure and intuitive hack tool that can be easily used by anyone with no technical skills. Our hack tool is also a web-based application, so you just need to visit our website and enter the required information in the appropriate fields and the rest of the hacking procedure is handled by our program on our servers. This ensures a high success rate, as the end user doesn’t have to deal with any exceptions that may terminate the process halfway.
We developed a complex algorithm that uses a wide range of exploiting mechanisms on specific modules on the Madden Mobile’s servers, it also makes sure that the victim or the host is always random, so that they wouldn’t recognize any traffic of a suspicious level. It also automatically restores control to the original state so that there would be no sign of any hack at their end.

How It Works (Screenshot)

Our unique hacking engine grabs control over specific modules in their programs temporarily and performs the in-game item transfer. The information you enter on our website is encrypted and sent to our servers, and the best part is this algorithm is also designed for disabling the module’s logging system, so that there would be no traces of the transaction, ensuring complete safety for your account. Your information is only decrypted after making sure that our hacking engine has complete control over their module, so even if the hacking procedure failed for some reason, your details wouldn’t be accessible by them.

Although any user is allowed to use this hack tool as many times as he/she wants, we recommend you to add as many in-game items as possible at a single try to reduce the load on our servers. Whenever our servers are overloaded with requests, we redirect the requests into a special database and flag them as pending for later processing, so it may take up to 12 – 24 hours for all the requests to get processed. However, the requests are usually processed in a couple minutes if our servers have free resources. We recommend you wait at least one business day before you submit your query.

Make sure that you follow all the steps on our website to complete your hack successfully, we’re also working on releasing lots of other hack tools and cheats for the trending games on the market today, so make sure that you check us out often. Share our Madden Mobile Hack Tool with your friends and family and give them a chance to experience a whole new level of Madden Mobile! If you still have any questions about how we operate, you can always feel free to write to us by visiting our Contact page.